How it works?

How it works

Why to use Nevirta?

  • Easy to set up

    Easy to set up

    Set up your email collector in 2 minutes, no black magic :-)

  • Powerful call to action

    Powerful call to action

    Change easily your call to action text sent to new subscribers.

  • Higher subscription rate

    Higher subscription rate

    Popup collectors increase subscription rate.

  • More collectors

    More collectors

    Create up to 20 collectors for all your websites.

  • No coding or programming

    No coding or programming

    No need to change your websites, just insert a small piece of code.

  • Full details

    Full details

    See details for each email subscriber including a date, an IP and a sign page.

  • Any language

    Any language

    Easily customize your email collector to any language.

  • Phones and tablets

    Phones and tablets

    Collect emails from mobile phones and tablets users too.

  • Not a chat

    Not a chat

    Online chat needs you all the time. Email collector is fully automatic.

  • One-click export

    One-click export

    Export your emails with one click and use emailing tool of your preference.

  • Reliable


    More than 300.000 email addresses collected so far.

  • Promote!


    Promote your product or service to your real customers!

Who is using Nevirta?

• Massages and fitness centers and specialists
• Health and lifestyle sites and companies
• Blogs and personal websites
• Eshops and e-commerce sites
• Small and medium size companies
• Marketing and advertising agencies
• Ticketing and booking services
• Lawyers, consultants and agencies
• and many more… be one of them too!

Start building up your own newsletter database NOW!


A very simple and a cheap solution. It took only 10 minutes to start using Nevirta on all our websites. Thank you guys!
Frantisek Chury
Frantisek Chury
Core International
No need to change our website at all! I got 100 new subscribers in the first few days of using this! I was looking for such a product for so long! Simply wonderful...
Miluse Juroskova
Miluse Juroskova
Business Link
A great way to distribute my free e–book and gain subscribers at the same time! It's an easy way how to start with opt-in marketing.
Petr Molik
Petr Molik
Independent consultant




  • Free setup
  • Up to 10 collectors
  • Collect up to 50 emails
  • Basic emails management
  • Free forever



  • Free setup
  • Up to 20 collectors
  • Unlimited number of emails
  • Full emails management
  • Charged monthly



  • Free setup
  • Up to 20 collectors
  • Unlimited number of emails
  • Full emails management
  • 10 + 2 free months



  • Free setup
  • Up to 20 collectors
  • Unlimited amount of emails
  • Full emails management
  • One–time payment only
We would always forget to place a “Sign up for newsletter” box on our websites and having tens of them, it was not easy to make a change. We did not want to redesign and recode them. We were looking for a simple solution without tons of unwanted features. Unable to find it, we created Nevirta.
- A story behind

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Nevirta is operated by Czech based company LWi s.r.o., VAT: CZ28304951, Company ID: 28304951